Dragon Soul, what a joke… where is the challenge?!

What happened to the good ole’ days when raiding was much more of a challenge?  When it use to take weeks and hundreds of attempts to kill one boss.  When you had to have resist (i.e. shadow, frost, nature, etc.) gear for certain bosses or you couldn’t raid. I remember when it took us months to clear SSC, TK, MH and BT.  Oh, how I miss the BC raids. 

Serpentshrine Caverns, Tempest Keep, Mt. Hyjal and Black Temple

Why has Blizzard made Dragon Soul so damn easy to clear?  Now it just takes a few attempts and they are dead in one night, well at least for the top end guilds.  They say if you have heroic tier 12 gear (which our guild does) you are over-geared for Dragon Soul.  If that is the case then make these bosses a bit more of a challenge for these guilds.  Not just a normal/heroic mode but maybe have an intermediate level, where we can skip the normal mode and do them on a more difficult level meant for our gear.

Maybe its just the skill of the players?  Is it because a lot of us have been playing this damn game for so long, that it is easier for us to learn the fight mechanics?  Most of us long time raiders should know by now what the #1 rule in WoW is…DO NOT STAND IN FIRE!!!

I understand that Blizzard wants to open these raid zones up to more of the casual player.  During BC only 5% or less of players actually got to see the end game raiding bosses.  With the new LFR (Looking For Raid) system (that came out in the 4.3 patch) Blizz made it possible for the more casual player to PuG (Pick-Up-Group) the new Dragon Soul zone. 

They want players to be able to see these bosses, get the new epic gear and not limit it to just the hard-core raiders.  When you use LFR the bossses are scaled down in difficulty, even much easier than the normal mode that we are raiding the zone at now.

Last night I was hoping that the heroic modes would slow guilds up and take them a few weeks (months would be better) to clear RS.  But, when I checked  WoW-Progress, this morning there is already a guild that is 5/8 in heroic modes.  So, more than likely there will be a world first heroic kill of Deathwing by the end of the week.

My guild is not as nearly as hard-core as some of these top end guilds (thank god) and we are still working on clearing DS on normal mode.  For our first week of progression we were 6/8, which we are perfectly happy with.  Our second week progress, we killed 5/8 bosses in 3 hours and we’re still surprised it was so easy.  I don’t know how much longer I can continue to raid if they keep making these raid instances so easy.  Where is the challenge? 



3 Responses to “Dragon Soul, what a joke… where is the challenge?!”

  1. Christopher Says:

    Challenge you say? You should know by now that this is a business. And like all businesses, it about who can get as much as they can in the least amount of time. When we have a younger generation who adapts to this technological advanced world where convience is the way of life, then eventually you have a consumer who almost expects the same in a challenge which the easy button. Before Blizzard even existed and games were born, it would take litterally months, if not years sometimes just to beat the game. Thanks to cheat codes, interface applications(addons), and better net service along with improved hardware, it is easier then ever to modify anything to your personal setting for an advantage over anyone or equal playing ground.

    There is also economic factors as well as some political issues that play a huge role in this as well. As most of us are aware, the economy is in really bad shape. Many companies are cutting cost and laying off where they can. At the same time, more effort is being pushed foward to get more players as well as maintaining the current ones and making them happy. When I left after playing a few years at the start of 4.0, I noticed several things at that time. First, many current players was having a difficult time getting what they wanted which was better gear or mounts and seeing the ending of the content. I dont know about you but if I was paying for something I couldnt beat over a years period, I would change something. I would change the way I play or quit and find something else. Blizzard is fully aware of this and thus why you see a relaxed approach to try to balance the hard core and soft core gamers. This is also why you see a huge relaxed system that allows players an easy way to see ending content weeks before a new release. However this creates tension for the hard core players who spent countless nights raiding and earning it the hard way.

    The real challenge is keeping players busy every night and day making sure that they didnt finish a quest or raid or some circus achievement. As long as you still have something to do, you will continue to feed this endless cycle of mental masterbation and keep big companies alive.

  2. Blizz is treading a fine line between getting all their customers who want to see raiding content to do so and make it challenging to keep ‘hard core’ customers happy. It’s not been easy. In the original WoW only a small percent of players saw content that consumed a large percent of WoW developers time. A lot of players who were not able to raid for one reason or another were unhappy that they essentially were paying for content they never saw. Also back in the original WoW it was very, very difficult for a new player to even get into raiding.

    So as new expansions have come out Blizz has been experimenting with ways to give everyone access to all the content in the game while keeping it challenging for ‘hardcore’ players. There latest attempt is three-tiers of raiding. A very, very easy means for casual players who don’t belong to a raiding guild, a ‘normal’ difficulty for average raiding guilds and ‘heroic’ difficulty for skilled raiding guilds. On whole I think Blizz is doing a good job on this contentious issue though one can quibble with the details.

    • I really do like the new LFR system, it is giving people a chance to see the final boss for this expansion, which I like even for my own alts to help get them gear. I am glad 25m guilds are still working on HMs, from what I heard last night, Paragon is stuck on Ultraxion (Click the damn button!! LOL).

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