BM the Spec with the best pets, but bad for raiding!

Hunters can’t be a the wonderful class that they are without their pets at their side.  One thing that hunters can do in this game is tame some really cool pets, some are just put in the game just for hunters to tame.  A lot of them are not easy to tame by any means, especially the new oness they released with Cataclysm.  Check out Petopia for the full list of tameable pets.

I love to find rare pets and tame them, I am constantly getting new ones and having to clean out my stable to house them.  The problem is that the really cool looking pets can only be at your side when you spec’d as Beast Master(BM).  I really think this is a tragedy as a raiding hunter, BM isn’t really a raiding spec due to the low DPS output.  So, we are stuck using the boring normal pets like; cats, wolves, raptors, ravagers, hyenas, etc.  We can only hope that Blizzard will one day drop this requirement and let us use these pets when we are spec’d as Survival or Marksman.

Here are a few of my cool looking pets that can only be used as BM.

This guy is a mini raid boss in the level 60 raid instance of Blackwing Lair named Chromaggus.  To tame him it required a mini-raid group, a few of us went into Blackwing Lair to get the guild achievement and also so I could tame him.  Since he is only level 60 and my hunter level 85, he was very easy to tame.

Chromaggus the Corehound

Ankha, the Spirit Cat, this is one of the new cats that came out in Cata, in order to tame her you had to strip off all your gear.  If you had any armor on what so ever she would one-shot you dead.

Anhka, the Spirit Cat

Ban’thalos, the Spirit Owl.  This bird flys really high up in the air and there are a few strategies in order to get him.  Since my hunter has engineering as a profession, my cloak can be used as a parachute when I fall.   I would fly up dismiss my mount and shoot at him as I fell.  After many attempts on the bird nuking my ass as I fell and not having enough health by the time I got to the ground to live to tame him.  I recruited a healing shaman from my guild to heal me as I fell.  Once she got healer aggro from the bird, we let him kill her which then gave me full aggro(which I have to have) on the bird in order to tame it.  As I was taming it she reincarnated and healed me back up to finish up the tame.  Probably not the best way to do it, but it worked for me, hehe.  Thank you for your help Ladyrain!!!

Ban'thalos, the Spirit Owl

My last BM special pet is Skoll, a spirit wolf well sorta, he is called a spirit beast like Ankha and Ban’thalos, but has alittle different look to him.  There is an actual spirit wolf but I have yet to find him.  Skoll is blue and sparking with electricity.  I was doing the 5man instance Halls of Stone when I got a whisper from a hunter wanting to know if I wanted Skoll.  I told him that I did, I had spent many hours camping his spawn locations.  I left the group I was in and got there in time to tame him before any hunter showed up to steal him from me.

Skoll the blue electric wolf

There are many others I would love to have, but I don’t feel like putting in the time to camp their spawn spots just so I can put them in my stable to collect dust.  Please Blizzard remove the Beast Master requirement on these cool pets, we spent a lot of time and effort to get them we would like to use them when we raid.


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  1. where did you get these pets from?

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