A guest post…WoW vs. SWTOR

Here is a post from a friend of mine, a former Wow player and his opinion on Wow vs SWTOR.


So, what is the big differences between these two games?  The story and the way it is presented, SWTOR has WoW beat hands down.  The fact that most quests have a cinematic scene along with dialogue choices depending if it is the light or dark side.   It is pretty cool being able to kill said person or let them live and see a trail. WoW does have a better UI only because the ability to use add ons, Bioware says in time they most likely will allow them. I think once Bioware allows them SWTOR will have the advantage over WoW. Crafting is so much easier in SWTOR because you do not have to spend countless hours in front of a anvil making the same item over and over again.  In SWTOR you send one of your many companions out to do your bidding. I currently am lvl 47 and I have six companions and four can be deployed on crafting missions.  Which means I can have one with me while questing and than constantly have four out making my things and gathering crafting materials, no down time what so ever. 

WoW I would say right now has better PvP system with arena and rated battlegrounds. Also Blizzard has had seven years to fine tune that system which they have no doubt done. SWTOR system is a little buggy and didn’t really change much in the PvP game. I will say Huttball is a capture the flag with a twist and could have a lot of potential if Bioware handles it correctly. I will say SWTOR does have WoW beat on the world PvP scale with planets dedicated to nothing but world PvP, as of now there is Ilum, with more planned on being added in upcoming patches.

Overall, I have to say SWTOR is a better game, mainly because it is new and someting different. It did take a lot of what WoW did and just made it better. The flow of leveling does not really feel like a grind because the story sucks you in so bad. I do not think this game will be the “WoW Killer” people claim it to be. I do think it will help chip away at Blizzards subs.  The only thing that will kill WoW is PANDAS!!!!  So come on over to SWTOR kill some jedis or siths and engulf yourself in the best MMO on the market right now. Also check out my SWTOR blog at http://swtorhealer.wordpress.com/

Happy New Year!!!!

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