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Favorite WoW Videos: Character Dances (where they came from)

Posted in World of Warcraft with tags , , , , , , on January 2, 2012 by julesinpdx

Well I hope everyone had a great holiday(Christmas, New Years, etc).  Sorry I am late in getting this weeks “Favorite WoW Video” post out, the last 2 weeks were just insane, moving over Christmas, unpacking = ugh!! 

Well I think this will be my last Favorite WoW Video post for now (unless I can think of another category of videos to post about).  The other subjects I could do posts on is about “guides” i.e. leveling guides, gold farming, class specific guides, etc.  and “how to kill raid bosses”. I just dont think most of my readers would find them interesting enough.  If I do find a hunter specific guild that I find worth posting then I will post it.  You can basically find anything you want to learn about on YouTube.

One of the fun things toons can do in the game is dance.  When you type in /dance your character will start dancing. There are alot of other “emotes” as they are called which can have your toon do certain movements, but dancing is usually the most popular.  Each race and gender have their own dance, this first video shows where Blizzard got the idea for those dances.  We have been hoping for years that Blizzard will give the toons the ability to do more than just the one dance, but no such luck.  WoWWiki has a list showing where they come from as well.

Here is all the dances and some of the songs that inspired the dance, it is a bit long because there are lots of toons to cover.

I like this one because it shows the female goblin dancing with Beyonce.

The guy that created this video and dance to LMFAOs song Party Rock Anthem, also know as “Everyday I am shufflin'”  this one keeps repeating the Shufflin’ dance over and over for 5 minutes. (I found the same one that went on for 10 hours!!)  LOL  I totaly agree with someones comment that Blizzard should make it possible when you type in /shufflin your toon starts doing this dance.

There were loads of other ones to show, but most were just not very entertaining and long showing the same dance over and over.


Favorite WoW Videos, Music

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One thing that I love about this game is the many great videos that people have made using in-game characters.  It just amazes me how people can edit these and make them look so cool.   There are music videos, remakes of movies, guild raiding videos, how-to guides on practically everything you can do in this game, etc.  

I have decided to pick a few of my favorite videos each week from a different genre.  To start this week off, my favorite music videos.  This was a tough one, there were so many good ones to choose from, I couldn’t pick just one.  Here are my three favorite music videos.

First one is “The Lonely Island, Boombox”.  This was the second music video I ever saw, I was not familiar with The Lonely Island guys.  When a friend IM’d me and said, “you have to watch this video”, it instantly become one of my favorites.

Second one is a video of  ‘Weird Al ‘ Yankovic’s, Amish Paradise, a parody of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise.  I have always liked the parody “Weird Al” does of this song and when I saw that someone had made a video to it, it also became one of my favorites.

Ok, this next one I couldn’t resist.  I came across this video when I was watching some of the episodes of the online show called “The Guild”, I like the song but didn’t care for the video they did for it.  “Do you want to date my Avatar”  was in human form. I found this video the best one using in-game characters.

If you want to go see more of what is out there just pop over to and search WoW music videos.  They will keep you entertained for hours.  I know, I am so easily entertained.  LOL