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Ultraxion, and the button that wiped the raid!

Posted in Dragon Soul, Hour of Twilight, Ultraxion, World of Warcraft with tags , , , , , on December 5, 2011 by julesinpdx

Button, button, who has the button?  Or rather who can find the damn button and click on it in time to keep their ass alive?!?!  As promised here is the SS (screenshot) of the stupid button you have to click on in order to remove yourself from the twilight realm for 5 secs so you will live.  (It is in the bottom middle of the pic, the big, purple swirly button). 


During the encounter there are TWO times when players MUST click on this button; first when Ultraxion puts Fading Light on you and second when he casts Hour of Twilight.  If the player does not click on that button when they are effected by Fading Light or when he starts to cast Hour of Twilight you will die.

After spending a very frustrating evening trying to kill him that first night, (mostly because people could not find the damn button on their screens or they did not click on it in time).   The next night pretty much started off the same way. 



We soon discovered we had something else going against us that night.    Huge amounts of lag once his health got below 50%.  Alot of people were complaining about it.  Mine was dropping down to zero and my game would just freeze up until we wiped then to went back to normal.   Well during that run back into the instance our RL saw a post that other guilds were experiencing the same problem and found out that the addon Recount was the issue.  We were using an out of date addon, tsk tsk!!   Raiders should know better!  LOL 

Once we disable Recount, our lag was gone and it was then an easy kill for us.  Everyone was finally able to find and CLICK the new button and do what they needed to do, so Ultraxion eventually coughed up his loot.  So the moral to this story is… don’t use an “out of date” raiding addon and CLICK THE DAMN BUTTON!! LOL.